8 Reasons Why We Love Navy Tailgating!

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8 Reasons Why We Love Navy Tailgating!

Navy Football TailgatingAccording to Homer Simpson tailgating is:

“The pinnacle of human achievement. Since the dawn of parking lots, man has sought to fill his gut with food and alcohol in anticipation of watching others exercise.”

Whether or not you agree with this bold statement, there is no denying that here in Annapolis we experience our fair share of tailgating. What with two pro football and baseball teams, plus a myriad of colleges all in our proverbial backyard, Naptown residents have this past time down to a science. But most near and dear to our hearts are the Midshipmen of the USNA. We love Navy Tailgating! Here are some of the reasons we show up rain or shine to tailgate in support our favorite teams.

1. The Games

We are not necessarily talking about the sport about to be played, but the games played among the adults and kids in the parking lot. Games like Cornhole or Adult Beverage Ping Pong. Folks will play for hours, creating friendly tournaments and inspiring good-hearted competition.

2. The Camaraderie

Who doesn’t love attending a party with thousands of your best friends all gathered for a communal celebration? During Navy Tailgating, we are all friends. Well, except if you root for Army, then we may need to have a little talk. #jokingnotjoking

3. Zero Judgement

No one will speak a word of what you eat or drink, even if it is 10 am. Tailgating pretty much gives you permission to eat or drink what you want without the fear of judgment. Heck, how can we judge, we are right there with you! And, what happens at the tailgate, stays at the tailgate.

4. The Food (and Drinks)

Ok, we are biased here, we think bagels make everything better. But, surely we can all agree there is no end to the delicious foods you will find a Navy Tailgate. From perfectly grilled meats to decadent treats, all washed down with your favorite (adult, or not) beverages.

5. Dressing Up in Gear

Surely you have seen “that guy.” You know the one. That shirtless guy painted in navy and gold on the 20-degree day. While we are not suggesting you go to that length, we will admit it is fun donning our Navy gear on game day.

6. Fun and Fierce Competition

We all love to root for our favorite team. Whether you are a die-hard fan or a seasonal supporter, it is easy to become enveloped in the spirit of the game. Go Navy! Beat Everyone! (Can I get a Woot! Woot!)

7. Tailgating Equipment

Tailgating is like boating: It is best to have a friend who has all the equipment so that you can show up with the tasty treats and beverages. Some people go all out, creating outdoor kitchens or living rooms. Why bring your couch when you can sit on a friend’s?

8. Fun for the Whole Family

Walk around the parking lot during a Navy tailgate and there is one thing you will see everywhere. Generations of folks enjoying themselves, and having a blast. Tailgating, for many, is a long-standing family tradition. One swathed in great memories and sure to continue for many years to come.

Looking to catch a Navy Football home game this season? Check out the 2016 schedule. And, next time you head to the stadium to gather with friends, bring along delicious bagels and fixin’s from Naval Bagels. Bagels are super versatile and can be used alone or to made amazing dishes. So, stop by and share the reasons you love Navy tailgating!

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