10 Signs You’re From Annapolis

Annapolis Waterfront

10 Signs You’re From Annapolis

If you are like us, you know the struggle of being an Annapoliatian and having more clothes with the Maryland Flag on it then normal clothes. Check out more of our 10 signs you’re from Annapolis.

1. Baseball Loyalty

Yea you’ve always been an O’s fans but you also support the Nats as well. The confusion never stops from your friends from out of town.

2. White Socks and Boat Shoes

When you cringe at the site of ankle socks with boat shoes but approve crew socks and boat shoes. You also have a collection of dress and casual boat shoes.

3. Chicken Sculptures

You know why there are chicken sculptures but can’t remember the reason. The real reason they are there is to pay an artsy homage to the legislation that allows real chickens in people’s backyards.

4. Leave Early on Fridays

You know that every Friday, you are going to be stuck in traffic with out of towners going to the beach so you try to get out early, and so does your boss. While you sit in traffic you ask yourself, “why is there not a lane for locals.”

5. Picky About Crab Cakes

Well, actually you will only eat crab cakes in Maryland. Anywhere else? Nope. Never. Ever. If you are from Annapolis you know perfectly well that no other state knows how to make a real crab cake.

6. You only eat bagels from Naval Bagels.

Maybe this is wishful thinking but we like to think we are a staple for our local crew. 🙂

7. Flip Flops in Fall

Actually, you wear flip flops till your toes fall off. Even with snow on the ground you just can’t imagine your toes being forced inside a shoe all day.

8. Old Bay

Yes, we little put that s*%t on everything. Salt, Pepper, and Old Bay, are always on the table for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time. You just don’t get it unless you are from here.

9. You Bleed Blue & Gold

You love everything Navy. From the football games, croquet match, to commissioning week, you plan events around what’s happening at the United States Naval Academy. Anyone that roots for Army is excommunicated from the community.

10. The Blue Angels

You go to the same spot every year to watch the Blue Angels. Schools get out and the office closes so all can enjoy the magnificent show. Learn more here.

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