What is the Midshipman Action Group?

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What is the Midshipman Action Group?

There is no denying that The United States Naval Academy is an integral part of the makeup of Annapolis and the surrounding areas. While midshipmen may only spend a brief part of their lives in Maryland’s capital, they become weaved into the fabric of this historic town. They can be seen strolling the main street, living in our homes as sponsees, or attending home football games. But, did you know that Midshipmen also have a strong presence in the community working with special needs children, gathering food for the homeless, or honoring veterans? The Midshipman Action Group (MAG) was established in 1992 as a community relations program.

MAG is a community relations program created by the Brigade of Midshipmen and offers a variety of educational, environmental, and social service volunteer projects. They work together with community partners throughout Annapolis and the surrounding areas, even as far as Baltimore and Washington, D.C. The goal is not only helping the community but preparing midshipman for future military service. MAG encourages peer leadership, character development, builds teamwork skills and morale, all while teaching a sense of selflessness and goodwill.

Every year MAG sets a service hour goal, and in some years has contributed over 26,000 hours of service to the community. The group manages over 50 projects with 500 midshipmen volunteers in a variety of volunteer roles. Projects range from mentoring and tutoring young students, battling hunger, poverty, and homelessness, to introducing and promoting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) programs.

All projects are all led my midshipmen and foster peer leadership and teamwork. Mids are proud of the fantastic relationships and successful projects coordinated with their civilian partners.

In years past, The Midshipman Action Group has devoted time to such environmental endeavors as working with Naval Facilities Washington at Greenbury point to clean up and remove invasive plant species. They have also partnered with Goshen Farms, a Historic Farm in Cape St. Claire that operates community education on organic farming and soil conservation.

Here are some of the other remarkable missions that MAG works with:

Homeless Resource Day
Special Olympics
Mids for Kids
The Giving Tree
Harvest for the Hungry
Girls on the Run
9/11 Remembrance Day of Service
Honor Salute

And so much more! Want to learn more about MAG and the wonderful projects they have going this year? Do you or your organization have a concept in mind? Contact the USNA for all the details.

Naval Bagels is proud of all our Military Service Members. And we feel honored to play a role, however small with the USNA community. We are one of the Annapolis community business partners that offer military discounts to service men and women. We also participate in the Yard Card Program which enables Midshipman the opportunity to enjoy delicious meals when they are away from the yard.

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