Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Can you ever have too much pumpkin spice?America began its love affair with all things pumpkin spice back in 2003. That year, in a fateful January, a particular coffee mega giant released the first Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Other major corporations quickly caught on, and so began the pumpkin spice craze. From coffee and vodka to cereal or lip balm, it is everywhere. Which begs the question, can you ever have too much pumpkin spice? We’ve done some amateur investigating, and these are the reasons we discovered for why we love pumpkin spice.

 Warms the Heart and Soul

Pumpkin Spice stirs up feelings of nostalgia and provides comfort. This is particularly the case as the days get shorter and colder. For most people, consuming pumpkin spice everything creates a sense of the season, just as much as apple cider or hot cocoa. And, like warm woolen mittens or snowflakes on our eyelashes, it is one of our favorite things.

The fact that we cannot get pumpkin spice all year long makes us want it all the more. This is called the Reactance Theory. For a few short months every autumn we overdose on the flavor, knowing that it will be gone in the blink of an eye. But, do we tire of it? Nope. It only leaves us pining for next Autumn.

 Makes Us Happy

Pumpkin Spice is everywhere. No more are we forced to get our fix in a coffee cup. From beer to pumpkin butter to breakfast cereal to hummus, even Oreos; there seems no end to how we can consume this special flavor.

Most items created with pumpkin spice are usually on the sweeter side. According to science, our brains have a strong pleasure response to the taste of sugar and other carbohydrates. Therefore, we have deduced a simple scientific formula: pumpkin spice + you = happy.

 All for the Greater Good

Everyone is doing it. So, when one partakes in pumpkin spice, it makes one feel like one is part of something greater. It makes one happy and secure when included with the rest of society.

Naval Bagels understands the need for pumpkin spice. That’s why every Autumn we offer our seasonal flavors. We love it just as much as you do. Remember, though, it is here for a limited time, so enjoy it now while you can!

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