The Story Behind 6 of Our Favorite Sandwiches

The Story Behind 6 of Our Favorite Sandwiches

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Our Best Seller, The Naval Bagel, piled high with Fresh NOVA Lox, Cream Cheese, Tomato, Onion and Capers.

Customers are always telling us how much they love our sandwiches. Everyone has their favorites. Some folks are adventurous and will try new things, and there are some who come the same time, same day and order the same item, without fail…you can set your watch and calendar to them.

Everyday customers make suggestions about menu additions or how to make a sandwich better. But have you ever wondered how we created our sandwiches, or how our sandwiches got their funny names?

Here is the story behind 6 of our favorite sandwiches

El Jefe

Meaning “the boss,” this sandwich was created by NB owner Sean Adams. Inspired by his Southern California upbringing, Sean said it includes all the ingredients he used to munch on for breakfast back home as a kid. He remembers on the weekends taking steak, eggs, and pico de gallo and throwing it in a pan and melting delicious Oaxaca cheese over it all. Like to “Go Green?” Toss a little avocado on top for a tasty, delicious meal any time of day!


This sandwich is the epitome of Annapolis and incorporates all the treasures of the Chesapeake. Our beloved Mr. Dave (Dave Brown), who worked with Naval Bagels for 20 years, came up with this sandwich. This region is a resource for fresh and delicious ingredients, and Mr. Dave has created a true winner!

The Temptation

Inspired by the story of Adam and Eve the apple on this sandwich, plus the savory goat cheese, topped with the sweet fig jam will tempt even the manliest of meat eaters. While it is a great vegetarian option, the amazing blend of textures and tastes makes it is a favorite amongst carnivores and herbivores alike.

The Popeye

Named after the 1930’s kooky cartoon character Popeye. One of the sandwich makers, Joe-Joe helped Sean with this customer favorite. Sean was in the kitchen one afternoon “playing around.” He created the sandwich but was struggling with a name. Joe-Joe, who loves trivia and quirky U.S. facts, suggested the name because the sandwich contains spinach. The name is catchy and stuck and is now a top choice for a healthier option.

The Bay Hawk

Some call this sandwich the ultimate hangover cure, or a mighty sandwich for a mighty man (or woman). The owner of the Bayhawks Lacrosse team, Brendan Kelly, and Sean’s brother-in-law, were brainstorming one night and came up with this meat eater’s delight. Packed full of carbs, protein and fat, many a bleary-eyed customer, has shuffled to the counter and taken one of these home in hopes of recovery after a long night out.

The Naval Bagel

By far our best seller, we felt this was a must on the menu. The Naval Bagel pays homage to the New York Jewish Deli bagel. What kind of honest bagel shop would not offer this gastronomic delight? While we are proud of our other creative sandwiches, we believe we put together the best Nova Lox south of the Hudson.

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