The Truth About Bagel Lovers

The Truth About Bagel Lovers

There is something very special and unique about bagel lovers. In fact, they just might be our favorite kind of people. They know exactly what they want and they’re not afraid to ask for it. In honor of bagel lovers everywhere, here are a few reasons why we appreciate those who appreciate bagels.

1. They’re not afraid of carbohydrates.Bagel Lovers Bagel Stack

…or gluten for that matter. Bagel connoisseurs understand that bagels are not only delicious but substantial and filling too.¬†They want to make sure they never go hungry, and we respect that. Who cares about the extra carbs when you get to enjoy a bagel in exchange?

2. They love toppings.

This includes everything from cream cheese, peanut butter, blueberries, avocado, and strawberries to egg whites, tomatoes, ham, cheese and beyond. The more, the better right? And, we can’t forget about all of those cream cheese flavors either (e.g. Old Bay, Jalapeno, Vegetable, Garlic Parsley, Walnut Raisin, etc.).

3. They’re adventurous.

Real bagel lovers like to live dangerously. For instance, they are always open to the latest and greatest bagel toppings and creations. This includes the peanut butter, banana and bacon bagel, which sounds a lot like an Elvis Special. Or the cream cheese, avocado, and hot sauce bagel. Even the Snack bagel topped with pretzels, potato chips, and Nutella. Not to mention, those trendy colorful rainbow bagels that are all over everyone’s Instagram feeds.

4. They’re the ultimate breakfast champions.

Bagel lovers refuse to skimp on the most important meal of the day. Plus, they are true fans of breakfast on the go, and bagels are the most portable breakfast food around. #BagelLikeABoss

If you are a bagel lover like us, stop into Naval Bagels today and try one of specialty bagels or create your own!

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