Top 7 Activities That Midshipman Do For Fun

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Top 7 Activities That Midshipman Do For Fun

On top of an already challenging pursuit as college students, Midshipmen have to balance regular college life alongside the demands and responsibilities of military service. Early morning wake-up calls and late night study sessions both stress and test a midshipman on a daily basis. As future officers in the United States Navy and Marine Corps, Midshipmen are held to high standards: academically, physically, and morally. But, what do midshipmen do for fun? Even after a full days’ work, many find time to take part in extracurricular events. According to our “official research” (which really just amounts to us asking around and eavesdropping from behind the counter) here are the top 7 activities that midshipman do for fun.

Watch Netflix

Who doesn’t love a good binge sesh watching the latest of Netflix’s hottest offerings? After an intense week on the yard Midshipmen love to veg as much as anyone, whether settling in and watching an entire season or catching a movie trilogy. And, might we suggest beginning any couch session right with delicious bagels?

Play Pranks

Midshipmen are known for their shenanigans, especially during Army-Navy week. But, Mids also love to pull one over on their fellow classmates. In addition to pranks, they have been known to show off their creativity ( making hilarious music video parodies. Perhaps we can inspire a bagel themed musical masterpiece?

Hang Out at Sponsor’s House

As we said before, Naval Academy life is challenging. Midshipmen look forward to the weekend when they can escape if even for a few hours. USNA sponsors also look forward to these time almost as much as their Mids. Expecting a full house this weekend? Why not treat them to a Sunday brunch featuring, you guessed it…Bagels!


Annapolis has its fair share of favorite eateries. And, anyone who knows college students knows they love to eat! From Maryland’s famous steamed crabs and crab cakes to infamous Main Street diners, there are plenty of places for a midshipman to get a hearty meal. We are proud to be one of the Annapolis Eateries that Midshipmen can use their “Yard Card.”

Quiet Waters Park

A little nature hamlet tucked away right in the heart of Annapolis, Quiet Waters Park offers a perfect escape from the daily rigors of Naval Academy life. Whether it is to run on the many scenic trails or to go biking, canoeing, or stand-up-paddleboarding, Quiet Waters has it all! And…what better treat is there to snack on while enjoying natural Annapolis than a bagged lunch from Naval Bagels?


While it is true that most everything a midshipman needs is provided by the Academy, everyone needs a little retail therapy now and then. You will see midshipmen at the mall, Target, the craft store, plus the many shops in downtown Annapolis. How about fueling up with some favorite carbs (A.K.A. bagels) before hitting the stores?

Go Navy! Beat Army!

A rivalry that dates back over a hundred years, the Army-Navy football game is like no other. Every year West Point and the USNA gear up for their traditional showdown with activities and good-natured pranks. Heading to the game this year? Grab a bag of bagels and some shmear to nosh on while traveling or tailgating.

While life at the USNA certainly has its share of challenges, there are many things midshipman do for fun to let loose. Here at Naval Bagels, we love everything about the Academy! We are proud to be one of the establishments that midshipmen can use their “Yard Card.” Are you a USNA sponsor? Place a bagel order for this weekend and treat everyone!

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