What We Love About Annapolis

What We Love About Annapolis

Ahhh…Annapolis. Is it possible to totally crush on an entire town? We think so. What’s not to love about our unique hamlet? Annapolis has been called a drinking town with a sailing problem. It is quirky, fun, political…a true small town that sports a big city feel. The historic Capital of Maryland, it boasts the oldest State Capitol building still in use in the United States. It also has the largest collection of original historic homes still inhabited in the county. Here is more about what we love about Annapolis.

Navy Anything

Due to the U.S. Naval Academy situated right in our backyard, it is virtually impossible not to catch the Navy Spirit. We love everything Navy: whether we’re rooting for the Midshipmen and tailgating at football games, watching the Blue Angels Air Show during Commissioning Week, or watching as Plebs sweat through their first summer. Annapolis is absolutely submerged in Nautical Culture.

Annapolis, Maryland, USA State House and St. Mary’s Church viewed over Annapolis Harbor and Compromise Bridge.

Love Affair with the Water

If you live in Annapolis, there is no escaping its love affair with the Bay. We enjoy sailing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, tubing, waterskiing, SUPping. Seems like you can count on that any given weekend that the sun is out, Annapolitans will be on the water.

The Quirkiness

Annapolis is weird, and we love that! From the Santa Speedo Run in December to the Annual Sock Burning in Eastport. Annapolis has seen its fair share of unique controversy. Such as in 1998, when Eastport succeeded from Annapolis proper and declared itself the “Maritime Republic of Eastport.” Every year the “rival towns” commemorate this event with the Tug O’ War across the water.

The Food

There is no better bounty than what the Chesapeake Bay provides. And, Annapolis is all about that. It is really the only place on Earth that you can trust the statement “Best Crab Cakes in the World.” Furthermore, this town takes “Crab Feast” to a whole new level. Oh, and let us not forget a mention about the sweet corn and other delicious Eastern Shore veggies. We try to take advantage of this bounty, infusing our menu with many delicious sandwiches featuring fresh ingredients. The food around here is some of the best the country has to offer.

Rubbing Elbows with Politicians

This is The Historic State Capital of Maryland. With the State House located smack dab in the center of town, you are bound to see state legislators strolling the streets, eating at restaurants, even imbibing at a local pub. So, if politics is your thing, there is plenty of action right here in town to satisfy your needs.

This really only a sampling of what we love about Annapolis. Most of all, we love the people! Naval Bagels is honored and grateful to be a part of this remarkable town.


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